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Name Thomas Adriaan Saeys
ICQ/MSN/Skype 66626833 / / thomassaeys
Mail address
Homepage This one
Born March 1st a long, long time ago
In Amsterdam
Grown up Outside Stockholm, Sweden
Lives in Skellefteå in northern Sweden
Profession Speech pathologist student
Family Fiancée, daughter, brother, two nephews, father, half sister, goddaughter
Preference Hetero
Left or right Left
Zodiac sign Pisces


Simplicity is a virtue
Likes Honesty, straight answers
Dislikes Bullshit, fuzziness
Good qualities Patient, observer, perfectionist?
Bad qualities Naive, pathetically modest until death (really?), perfectionist?
Puts me under stress Shopping
Mekaes me relax Trains
Three thing to take to a desert island Parasol, computer with an internet connection and power (assuming I don't have to eat or drink)
Read Dagens Nyheter
Gladly watches Movies
Gladly listens to The film score
Tatue No
Favourite color Different shades of blue (really??!)
Frquently visited websites IMDb, DN, Buzz.Bazooka, Avigsidan, All Music Guide Filmtipset (user 'saeys')
Web radio channel Radio Paradise
People I adore Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, John Williams, Danny Elfman
Favourite movie
(all categories)
Back to the Future
Favourite series of books "Utvandrarna" (The Emigrants), suite by Wilhelm Moberg
Overrated Lord of the Rings
Nice ice cream Päronsplitt
Terrible ice cream Magnum
Drink Of Life Milk
Drink From Hell Beer
Car Silver/gray Saab 9000 -91
Favourite coffee bread Dutch stroopwafels
Bikes Big brown DBS
Red french racer (Bernard Dangré), bought in 1990
Mind possible changes.
Write in the (guestbook) if you're up to it.
^ This was taken by myself with a disposable camera, on my way (on my beloved bicycle) from Stockholm to the West Coast in Sweden 1999. The lake behind me is called Hjälmaren (pronounced "Yelmaren"), in which I have just taken a swim. That is the reason why I'm a little bit tousled in my hair. (Except, of course, because it is in fact - blowing.)
This photograph is about seven to eight years old.